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ET-Connector Release Info 8.0.12239

– NEW: Multiple partners, users and groups per transaction – NEW: Repeat + Abort button on transaction debugger – NEW: WebEDI end item actions – NEW: WebEDIControl + WebEDI actions have next view option (Main or detail) – NEW: Transaction search refactored, search by principal both in rich client and WebEDI – NEW: Workflow poll […]

ET-Connector Release Info 8.0.12137

– CHANGE: The displayname of a transport item (i.e. FILE,SMTP, etc.) transports can be used with the dynamic “insert::” X-Path syntax for dynamic transport item names. The evaluation of this dynamic expression did the resolution on the current DATA-OUT node name, instead of the relative result node. – CHANGE: Log window stays open during debug […]

ET-Connector Release Info 8.0.11836

– CHANGE: Workflow item for create document in WebEDI creates new transaction always (also on pending), if corresponding WebEDI document has a selection for the creation workflow. – CHANGE: Database EXCEL driver reads data to a node with the sheet name. This node was obsolete and incompatible. Please note, that the DATA-IN X-Path selection for […]

Storage log publisher reports timeouts or locks errors

Symptoms: LogPublisher reports errors like “A lock could not be obtained within the time requested” LogPublisher reports timeouts Solution: The underlying I/O system is not able to handle the required use case with the configured amount of logging in an appropriate time. The I/O load relies on writing a full recovery log at the database […]

How to use the Script workflow item correctly

Problem: Using the Scriptworkflow item enables the user to execute Java code at runtime. The execution can lead to system freeze and to infinite loops, which will cause ET-Connector to hang or to crash. Solution: It’s very important and required to add calls to the TRANSACTION.isAborted() function into loops or after resource intensive commands. The […]

Change in dynamic resolve of partner variables from release 8.0.12137( 8.0.11908 beta)

Problem: Resolving of partner variables has been dependant to grouping function and was absolute (nethertheless, what the DATA-IN X-Path selection has been) Solution: From release 8.0.12137( 8.0.11908 beta) on, the resolving is relative to the DATA-IN X-Path selection to partner nodes. Take care, that the given X-Path’s at the “insert::” clause are relative to the […]

Report – Detect first and last page

Problem How is it possible to print elements on first or last page only? Solution From ET-Connector >8.0.12092 there are two system variables IS_FIRST_PAGE and is IS_LAST_PAGE, to use as a boolean value at the Print when expression.

ET-Connector Windows service does not start, EventID 7009

Problem: ET Connector service does not start and event ID 7009 is displayed in the event log, as well as error messages such as “The time limit (30000 ms) was reached during the connection attempt with the ET Connector PRODUCTION service.” Solution: One possible solution on the client is to increase the timeout for starting […]

AS2 MDN with wrong MIC

Problem: The MIC of an MDN differs from the calculated MIC of the data transmitter. Solution: If the MIC Hash of an MDN on the receiving side deviates from the MIC of the data transmitter, this means that the received data has been changed or configuration deviations are present. The following changes can solve the […]

X-Path: How to get the previous node

Problem: In a loop in XSLT or on iterating items, the previous node of the current node is needed. Solution: The previous node is: preceding-sibling::*[1] The previous node of the previous node is:  preceding-sibling::*[2] …  

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