– NEW: ZUGFeRD 1.0 support (BETA) (see http://www.schaefer-bs.com/kb/?p=3705) including PDF/A 3B validation
– NEW: Add raw() function to Java template toolkit, see http://www.schaefer-bs.com/kb/?p=3720
– NEW: Worfklow item DatabaseTO supports field type selection depending on selected database connection
– NEW: Maximum concurrent transactions at ‘Queue options’ can throttle the queue concurrent transports
– NEW: Workflow item DataSelect has sort function
– NEW: AS2 Version 1.2 support with multiple attachments, reliability and filename preservation
– NEW: WebEDI print buttons can be insivisble per group
– NEW: Routing criteria has additional logical operator per criteria to define, how multiple DATA-IN selection results are evaluated, was and is OR by default, but can be now changed to AND or XOR.
– NEW: JTT has two new functions: FNumberLeft and FNumberRight for padding number formats
– NEW: Excel (XLS/OLE97-Format only) may have password protection
– NEW: CIFS service has a generic option in Network options to disable Dfs resolve
– NEW: Compaitibilty for IGH DATAEXPERT services version 1.5 and 2.0, including presets.
– NEW: SAP transport returns created IDOC number via INBOUND_IDOCS_FOR_TID function
– NEW: Support for HTTP digest authentication
– NEW: OpenPEPPOL implementation BETA

CHANGE: The refactoring of the transport FILE was not well documented in the release notes for ET-Connector 8.0.12238. The elimination of the extension parameter leaded to overwriting the file onmultiple DATA-IN. The file names are now checked on uniqueness on multiple DATA-IN. (see also http://www.schaefer-bs.com/kb/?p=3740)

– OPT: Document views are created more performant on large data

– FIX: Import of configuration may fail by updating existing references in configuration through imported objects
– FIX: Navigation tree is not updated correctly on merge with replace
– FIX: System resources are updated always also on queues and workers
– FIX: Report multi element edit dialog applies font correctly
– FIX: Drag & Drop full text on debugger
– FIX: Client asks for administrative rights instead of exit
– FIX: Linked file usages are broken on export and import
– FIX: SOAP service response handler throws NullpointerException (NPE)
– FIX: SOAP server method response forces to set a datanode at end item as ‚Response X-Path selection’
– FIX: Action ‚Remove all subelements’ disabled at method definition
– FIX: Cleaning function Tools Hash/HMAC can handle streams
– FIX: EnDeCoding has HEX selection again
– FIX: Transactions Import/Export error
– FIX: Excel column range error (AB <-> BA)
– FIX: AutoResume queue can resume transactions for than current and previous month by a new parameter Auto resume history months in queue options.
– FIX: Export transaction restriction ist set on file export,but should be only applicable on mail transport.
– FIX: File service ‘Use stream’ does not move files correctly on action ‘Delete’
– FIX: Migration from version 6.1. to 8.0 broken
– FIX: Transport item does replace variables correctly on multiple DATA-IN and split (demultiplex) option disabled
– FIX: SAP connection ID does not contain a password
– FIX: CleaningFunction hash fails on stream
– FIX: Excel date write fails on wrong timezone base
– FIX: Cleaning functions can be activated as absolute to DATA-IN instead of datamodel root
– FIX: http response parsing fails on very small packet delivery
– FIX: Import of certificates in PEM format, if header does not end with line break
– FIX: SSHMessageReader limited to 65KB Strings, as they cause a Memory overflow on invalid input
– FIX: Storage handler runs into lock timeout (“A lock could not be obtained within timeout”)
– FIX: ‘Generated documentation’ result window is updated on new generated document
– FIX: SFTP subsystem reports correct sftp version 4 or 3 on init
– FIX: Current connection is disabled on send configuration
– FIX: Set schedule restart selected, if restart datetime has changed
– FIX: Recalc module fails on allowances calculation net
– FIX: Transaction permissions fail on similar principal ids, fixed
– FIX: Upgrade to Apache DB 10.3