ZUGFeRD invoices are a standard for sending invoices in a PDF document containing an XML file as PDF attachment.
Please refer to http://www.ferd-net.de/ for further details of the standard.

ET-Connector from release 8.0.12304 is able to generate invoices according to ZUGFeRD according to the following steps:

  • You have to license both the PDF Concatenator and the PDF/A3 ZUGFeRD modules.
  • Generate the ZUGFeRD invoice XML document by adding a ZUGFeRD invoice template by preset

  • Add a workflow like this and decide wether to
    • take an existing invoice PDF document from your ERP system
    • generate the PDF by the Report generator/PDF Designer (license module needed)
  • Configure the PDF Concatenator like this:
    • Add the PDF document by “Add pages from PDF”
    • Add the ZUGFeRD invoice XML document from template by “Add attachment”, it must be exactly one and the name must be ZUGFeRD-invoice.xml.
    • Under PDF/A options, enable conformance for PDF/A3B and ZUGFeRD. Select the ZUGFeRD level (BASIC, COMFORT, EXTENDED) according to the generated template.