– NEW: Multiple partners, users and groups per transaction
– NEW: Repeat + Abort button on transaction debugger
– NEW: WebEDI end item actions
– NEW: WebEDIControl + WebEDI actions have next view option (Main or detail)
– NEW: Transaction search refactored, search by principal both in rich client and WebEDI
– NEW: Workflow poll item has DATA-OUT option and supports dynamic “insert::”
– NEW: Aggregate function – Change group by function on fields
– NEW: Certificates for encryption can be dynamic from DATA-IN in Base64 encoding (PEPPOL)
– NEW: Logging enhanced for database update after read action
– NEW: Scheduled restart
– NEW: Service port usage for documentation
– NEW: X-Path format-number function
– NEW: Zip in multiple volumes by size

– REFACTOR: Transaction status window
– REFACTOR: Client service calls can be concurrent
– REFACTOR: Transport file prefix and extension are merged into one parameter file name
– REFACTOR: Search in debugger is optimized through server-side search

– CHANGE: Change AS2,HTTP,SOAP transport and SOAP client service timeouts to EXTENDING timeouts: The timeout counts from the last transmitted byte timestamp on

– FIX: HTTP/DATA node is missing on decoded text data
– FIX: Daily/Weekly/Monthly scheduler is running correctly after change of daylight saving
– FIX: Duplicate raw http request & response on HTTP transport error
– FIX: Data view panel on service data opens data in docked view on undocked opening
– FIX: HTTP chunk transfer might be NULL
– FIX: MIME decoding may fail on bad padded input
– FIX: SSH keyboard interactive failed and continue with password authentication method
– FIX: URL decode variables throws nullpointerexception
– FIX: HTTP header variables are not taken on HTTP transport for String or empty input
– FIX: Manual search stops on different special characters
– FIX: OFTP2 EERP may differ in EERP date + time due to invalid timestamp parsing
– FIX: MONTHLY scheduler discards unnessessary option for weekdays anymore
– FIX: DateTime picker control fails on clicking on Today-Button with drawing wrong daynames
– FIX: DateTimePicker shows date format selection in dd.MM.yyyy
– FIX: WSDL import for simple-fax.de fixed
– FIX: XSD validation throws unneccessary warning
– FIX: Generate documenation fails on multiple empt levels
– FIX: WebEDI document creation fails
– FIX: WebEDI end item actions have action name at DATA-IN
– FIX: Workflow item “From file usage” allows to load also repeat points
– FIX: Changing export restrictions for transactions by email to 10MB overall size (formerly 3MB), and to file system 100MB
– FIX: Connection is stalled on previous error while using the database connection pool, needs to be rolled back before reuse, affects PosgreSQL only.
– FIX: Action ‘Show columns’ on partner database sync
– FIX: Math divide removes node on error
– FIX: WebEDI shows textarea values on submit correctly
– FIX: Recalc document has rounding problem on DIN1333, adding new tests
– FIX: AS2 service transaction level change does not return an error to the sender (400 BAD REQUEST) in case of status level change error
– FIX: Test transport causes a mock archive to be created