– CHANGE: The displayname of a transport item (i.e. FILE,SMTP, etc.) transports can be used with the dynamic “insert::” X-Path syntax for dynamic transport item names. The evaluation of this dynamic expression did the resolution on the current DATA-OUT node name, instead of the relative result node.
– CHANGE: Log window stays open during debug

– DEPRECATION: The integration layer for the digiseal server has been removed
– DEPRECATION: ComboBox has display problem when editing is enabled unter CentOS 5.x, will not fix

– NEW: Context multi selection
– NEW: Data streams are zipped in storage directory, if storage file format is set to ETXZIP
– NEW: Import of SSH2 public key formats (According to RFC4253)
– NEW: Attributes at DATA-IN can be used in JTT as @<attribute-name> variables.
– NEW: Third party notification for scheduled services
– NEW: Cleaning with duplicate check
– NEW: Regular expression has also a dynamic insert:: option at the replacement part.
– NEW: Recalc module has options for formatting numbers
– NEW: HTTP Content encoding, supporting deflate and gzip
– NEW: Compatibility for IGH/DataExpert communication
– NEW: Cleaning autocheck messages have dictionary support
– NEW: Auto evaluation can be disabled
– NEW: Service schedules are listed in a sheet
– NEW: HTTP streaming
– NEW: FTP mirror directory has TEST and PRODUCTION directory
– NEW: HTTP streaming and chunk transfer
– NEW: HTTP has HTTP/DATA node
– NEW: Report designer has first page and last page system variable
– NEW: Cross deployment for windows and linux (i.e. server is running under linux and gets update for windows machine)

– OPT: Chunked transfer encoding performance
– OPT: Transformer Merge item

– FIX: DateTimePicker control fails on changing date only
– FIX: Dialogs pop up at arbitrary screen positions
– FIX: Parameter sheets contain encrypted passwords
– FIX: New SMTP Date header variable in RFC822 format mismatches timezone, changing to +/-0n00 format instead of timezone shortcuts (CET).
– FIX: FTP client service parameter “Read file” is ignored
– FIX: I/O workflow item ignores paramter DATA-OUT node name
– FIX: Command line workflow item with different DATA-OUT options
– FIX: Local XSD file is prefered, if defined, rather than definition in XML file.
– FIX: Document ID’s can be retrieved by using a CONTAINS operator at the ‘FromFile Usage’ workflow item
– FIX: DATA-OUT node name is dynamic
– FIX: SSH stack packet mismatches on cipher lengths
– FIX: Shutdown transactions abort fixed, not aborting immediately, waiting 5 seconds to finish, then aborting transactions.
– FIX: Subworkflow items with pending item do not forward the sub status level to the parent worklow
– FIX: Scheduler types MINUTE_BY_MINUTE_IN_BETWEEN and MINUTE_BY_MINNUTE_OUTSIDE do not start on end time 0:00
– FIX: AS2 service authentication broken, looking accidently for an HTTP authentication
– FIX: Interval scheduled services run in monitor timeout after 15minutes of workflow execution
– FIX: WebEDI search invert problem on detail view and back
– FIX: WebEDI pagination problem, looses last index
– FIX: WebEDI colum views are self auto-width
– FIX: RouteToWorkflow has Nullpointerexception on disabling route
– FIX: Navigation tree has search text field
– FIX: Workflow comment context menu
– FIX: Separator parser does not recognize quoted delimiter at first character
– FIX: Separator parser trims columns although disabled
– FIX: Transport sent data has an option for a dynamic suffix
– FIX: Service editor opens window in optimized size
– FIX: Background file usage remover does not open multiple blocking threads
– FIX: Context editor opens depending items
– FIX: PDF attachments are not extracted completely in rarely cases
– FIX: SSH Version 1.99 will be accepted as compatible to SSH version 2
– FIX: Partner authentication for FTP will add directory as partner variable at partner workflow items.
– FIX: Title bar indicates change of configuration but it isn’t, houring if actions are changing the configuration or not (i.e. setting breakpoints)
– FIX: Document types in WebEDI select filter is sorted