– CHANGE: Workflow item for create document in WebEDI creates new transaction always (also on pending), if corresponding WebEDI document has a selection for the creation workflow.

– CHANGE: Database EXCEL driver reads data to a node with the sheet name. This node was obsolete and incompatible. Please note, that the DATA-IN X-Path selection for the following node changes therefore and must be adjusted.

– CHANGE: Report designer font handling simplified and refactored. Multiple element editing include font settings.

– OPT: Configuration size optimized

– NEW: Workflow item From Fileusage has a relative result to DATA-IN option.
– NEW: Installer has client installer option
– NEW: Client has option to change connection, if default connection has a different version
– NEW: WebEDI-Permission for open detail view by double-click
– NEW: WebEDI-Customization extend for further CSS elements, additionally for custom individualization, a custom CSS with name webedi_custom.css is supported, see manual for details.
– NEW: Users refactored to group members, groups can be now based on databases including LDAP access.
– NEW: WebEDI has also the invert statuslevel search
– NEW: DATA-OUT expands automatically to previous expanded paths
– NEW: Test transport without transaction
– NEW: Date format and regular expression help is printed as tooltip
– NEW: Date format presets are added.
– NEW: F1 context help is also added for navigation tree.
– NEW: Certificate exchange at scheduler checks for exchange parameters
– NEW: Sequence workflow item has a start value
– NEW: LDAP query on ActiveDirectory returns GUID and SID correctly resolved as String object instead of binary coded.
– NEW: Lookup tables support Copy & paste action directly and direct editing
– NEW: Password are encrypted in configuration and are not logged anymore
– NEW: HTTP NTLM authentication added, HTTP stack refactored
– NEW: HMAC function with MD5, SHA1 and SHA256 as cleaning function
– NEW: HTTP services have customizable async response message (Default: Asynchronous transaction completed successfully)
– NEW: Add copy action to transport item
– NEW: WebEDI file usages have now two options for handling: download or view

– FIX: Lookup tables with database are able to use Excel files as source
– FIX: PDF parser handles groups correctly on moving nodes from following pages.

– FIX: Refactored partner and partner groups to show corrected actions only, documentation updated.
– FIX: Excel sheets are written out correctly using an inbound excel sheet for format definitions.
– FIX: Manual printing and navigation with go back and forward buttons
– FIX: HTTP transports create unified file usage raw requests instead of overwriting the file usage
– FIX: MIME parser error on attchment name detection
– FIX: Launcher update closes processes on update

– FIX: Opening file usages opens window in docked/undocked mode

– FIX: Transmit set source / set apply does not refresh correctly

– FIX: Cleaning date format – Check date error on timezone format

– FIX: Debugger DATA-IN view opens at wrong place

– FIX: Transaction debug log is removed and can be openend as separate window (like watch window)

– FIX: Transaction throws nullpointerException
– FIX: Excel database has wrong implementation for INSERT mode
– FIX: Email subject decoding failed when subject contains $
– FIX: PDF parser fails on group parsing, if page break follows

– FIX: Excel sheets can be used for database lookup tables either.
– FIX: Excel driver handles INSERT mode correctly.
– FIX: Security store does not duplicate enhancement path
– FIX: FTP file date time is calculated wrong, if year is not given (one day earlier).
– FIX: Transport queue does not send transport successfully on asynchronous acknowledge
– FIX: SMTP header field Date added with RFC822 date
– FIX: Context editing with selectable values does not select first field
– FIX: Check certificates on import for their ability on encryption and signature
– FIX: Transactions are exported with partner, doctype, group and user
– FIX: Partner database mapping change password options failed
– FIX: FTP mirror does not retrieve file on abort again
– FIX: SOAP server has asyncronous method option