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ET-Connector does not release memory to OS

Problem: ET-Connector does not release allocated memory to the underlying operating system. Solution: Releasing memory to the operating system causes latency time to the application. Therefore garbage collectors must have a fair balance between self consuming CPU time and application latency. The default garbage collector of ET-Connector does not release the memory to the operating […]

SSL issues on FTP or HTTP connections

Problem: Several issues may occur on SSL/TLS handshaking, we will report some error messages and there explanations here: Solutions & Workarounds: 1) Invalid padding [ 2014-05-21 11:13:19.881 ] FINE: [ Service FTPSERVER – HUB ][ FTP-Server on port 21 ] Connection to I/O error: Secure socket to handshake problem isHandshaking:true / 0 byte(s) […]

Technical notes on integrated database recovery process

This article summarizes technical background information on the integrated database at recovery from ET-Connector release 7.0.8391 on. The internal database of ET-Connector is based on Apache DB (Derby) (, which is a JDBC thin driver based SQL-92 database fully written in Java. As nearly every database also Apache Derby can reach a corrupted state due […]

ZIP decoding fails with “invalid entry size”

Problem: ET-Connector <= Version 6 cannot read a ZIP file and fails with an error like this: Exception on decoding: invalid entry size (expected 4294967295 but got 2190140 bytes) Solution: The ZIP file may be created by the new Zip64 specification, which is not supported on Java 6 platforms -> affects all ET-Connector versions until […]

Tuning ET-Connector with system resource management

Problems: Low system resources are causing runtime errors. Symptoms: Could not allocate enough memory (OutOfMemory): GC overhead limit exceeded Could not allocate enough memory OutOfMemoryError Solution: Since ET-Connector 6, an internal system resource management will monitor the system resource usage. ET-Connector 8 System resource management has been enhanced in ET-Connector 8 and modifying parameters has […]

Interface DataNode

Interface DataNode Method Summary void addChild(DataNode n)add given child to this node void addChild(DataNode n, int index)add given child to this node add given index DataNode addChild(java.lang.String name) DataNode addChild(java.lang.String name, int index) void addChildren(DataNode[] dna)add children with name void addDataAttribute(DataAttribute a)Adds DataAttribute void addDataAttribute(java.lang.String name, java.lang.String value)Adds attribute with given name and value void clear()Clear’s all subtree data (data or children) […]

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