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ET-Connector does not release memory to OS

Problem: ET-Connector does not release allocated memory to the underlying operating system. Solution: Releasing memory to the operating system causes latency time to the application. Therefore garbage collectors must have a fair balance between self consuming CPU time and application latency. The default garbage collector of ET-Connector does not release the memory to the operating […]

Run ET-Connector on Windows without administrative rights

Problem: Is it possible to run ET-Connector on a Windows machine without administrative rights? Solution: 1) The installation directory must NOT be under Program Files, as the program files directory is not writable by default. We recommend use a separate partition (or disk). 2) Disable permission inheritance on the installation directory and grant change permissions […]

Upgrade an existing ET-Connector 7 installation to ET-Connector 8

Upgrade by full installation Shutdown all instances of ET-Connector, For Windows: Remove ET-Conntor services with launcher tray, and close tray Rename installation directory to *_old (or whatever) Run the appriopriate setup package and install to the former install directory to keep spool directories/shares Move the following files from *_old to the new install directory config/server_config.xml […]

Microsoft Exchange: Delivery to recipient or group fails

Problem: Delivery to recipient or groups fails and Non-Delivery-Notification is returned to the sender. Solution: At Exchange Management Console, right-click on the group or recipient. Change the settings under Delivery options -> Restrictions and disable “Authentication of all senders required”

ET-Connector restarts unexpected under heavy load after a couple of hours under Windows

Problem: After running for a couple of hours on heavy load, ET-Connector restarts unexpected. This behaviour is reported on Windows Desktop versions (XP, Vista, 7, 8). Solution: Investigation shows that energy safe settings under Windows can influence the runtime behaviour of ET-Connector. Setting the energy safe plan to “Balanced” or “Energy safe” causes ET-Connector to […]

SSL issues on FTP or HTTP connections

Problem: Several issues may occur on SSL/TLS handshaking, we will report some error messages and there explanations here: Solutions & Workarounds: 1) Invalid padding [ 2014-05-21 11:13:19.881 ] FINE: [ Service FTPSERVER – HUB ][ FTP-Server on port 21 ] Connection to I/O error: Secure socket to handshake problem isHandshaking:true / 0 byte(s) […]

Introduction of BETA releases in deployment process since May, 21th 2014

Problem: ET-Connector has been spreaded widely. The developement is customer driven and agile. Although  running through over 1200 tests, side effects occur on customer side. Solution: Since May, 21th 2014 we have tagged the release as STABLE and BETA. The STABLE versions are released together with a release information by mail to all people, who […]

Delaying start of ET-Connector service on Windows

Problem: Other windows services on the same windows machine needs to be started to start up ET-Connector properly, i.e. – ORACLE Databases for database access – SAP System Solution: From Windows 2008 on there are additional options to delay the start of ET-Connector: 1) Set the startup type of the service to Automatic start (Delayed) […]

Technical notes on integrated database recovery process

This article summarizes technical background information on the integrated database at recovery from ET-Connector release 7.0.8391 on. The internal database of ET-Connector is based on Apache DB (Derby) (, which is a JDBC thin driver based SQL-92 database fully written in Java. As nearly every database also Apache Derby can reach a corrupted state due […]

Update launcher application

Problem: The launcher application needs to be updated, due to bugs or to warning messages. Server is started by launcher version 2.4, expected launcher version 3.0, please update manually Solution: The launcher application is the supervising process to start and control the lifetime of ET-Connector application. This application is also responsible for updating downloaded files, […]

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