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How to unescape values in templates (i.e. for CDATA section in XML) by using the raw() function

Problem: HTML code should be placed inside a XML document, but the template converts (escapes) the data to XML. <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?> <productRequest> <product> <subtitle>TEST &amp; Co</subtitle> <!– OK –> <productDescription><![CDATA[&lt;br&gt:Aus Aluminium in trendiger Farbgebung. &lt;br&gt;]]></productDescription> <!– Not OK –> </product> </productRequest> Solution: Use the template raw() function to prevent syntax escaping: <subtitle>[% Field1.0 %]</subtitle> […]

AS2 MDN with wrong MIC

Problem: The MIC of an MDN differs from the calculated MIC of the data transmitter. Solution: If the MIC Hash of an MDN on the receiving side deviates from the MIC of the data transmitter, this means that the received data has been changed or configuration deviations are present. The following changes can solve the […]

X-Path: How to get the previous node

Problem: In a loop in XSLT or on iterating items, the previous node of the current node is needed. Solution: The previous node is: preceding-sibling::*[1] The previous node of the previous node is:  preceding-sibling::*[2] …  

Enabling support mode for ET-Connector in launcher

Problem: Starting a foreign configuration on a local machine for developing or testing purposes will cause a license request to receive a new valid license key. The existing license key will be invalidated and the new license key is published. The current system is then set as the default system for the current mode (i.e. […]

Drag n Drop to ET-Connector client for import does not work under Windows 10

Problem: Dropping files to ET-Connector under Windows 10 does not work. Solution: ET-Connector client runs as administrator, which prevents drag and drop. Run the client as normal user.

ET-Connector does not release memory to OS

Problem: ET-Connector does not release allocated memory to the underlying operating system. Solution: Releasing memory to the operating system causes latency time to the application. Therefore garbage collectors must have a fair balance between self consuming CPU time and application latency. The default garbage collector of ET-Connector does not release the memory to the operating […]

Run ET-Connector on Windows without administrative rights

Problem: Is it possible to run ET-Connector on a Windows machine without administrative rights? Solution: 1) The installation directory must NOT be under Program Files, as the program files directory is not writable by default. We recommend use a separate partition (or disk). 2) Disable permission inheritance on the installation directory and grant change permissions […]

ET-Connector Release Info 8.0.10565

FIX: Workflow item Poll client can iterate over a DATA-IN X-Path selection FIX: Workflow item background color is restored FIX: Create unit test creates correct test name with workflow instead of status message FIX: Cat2Shop with datanode instead of dom4j FIX: TextEditor requests focus correctly to edit immeditely, double prompt for saving FIX: Enabled the […]

Using Date X-Path functions (since version 8.0.10505)

Problem: Calculate a date in a specific date/time format from X-Path (without using a datamodel). Solution: In example we need the date-time of yesterday, (current date minus 1 day). Step 1: The current date as UNIX time is delivered by the currentdate() function. currentdate() Step 2: The dateadjust() function shifts the date two days back. […]

Upgrade an existing ET-Connector 7 installation to ET-Connector 8

Upgrade by full installation Shutdown all instances of ET-Connector, For Windows: Remove ET-Conntor services with launcher tray, and close tray Rename installation directory to *_old (or whatever) Run the appriopriate setup package and install to the former install directory to keep spool directories/shares Move the following files from *_old to the new install directory config/server_config.xml […]

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