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Testing the availability of AS2/HTTPS service

There are to possibilities to test if the ET- Connector is reachable per AS2/HTTPS from the outside (behind the firewall): 1. Per telnet command The sender uses the command line and sends a  telnet command to the receiving system. Example: SHELL> telnet 123.456.789.132 4080 Is the connection is successful a black screen without any error […]

Message: “No MDN report has been returned”

Problem: ET-Connector message: Workflow item ‘OUTBOUND ORDER/Transport-AS2-ClientXYZ’ : Transport failed after 1 try(ies) : MDN requested, but no MDN report has been returned!” Solution: The message shown below means, that no delivery notification was returned. The sent data was received from the receiving system, otherwise a different error message would occur. Sending the MDN is […]

AS2 ID’s by receiving data

Problem: Problems by receiving AS2 Datas with AS2 IDs. Solution: The ET-Connector does not interpret AS2 ID’s of incoming AS2 messages. All messages with all AS2 ID’s will be accepted from the AS2 service. Explanation The interpretation of the ID’s remains in the hands of the user. The AS2 ID’s of the message will be […]

HTTP-Response “202 Accepted”

Sometimes a data transfer is successful but the connection is disturbed before the “200 OK” Response is sent from the remote server. In this case, the ET-Connector sends the data again. The remote server recognizes that it received this data already and sends the response “202 Accepted” to show, that the connection is accepted, but […]

Import complete certificate chains into ET-Connector to avoid validation errors

Problem: When importing certificates into ET-Connector, it is absolutely necessary to import the complete chain of certificates in order to check the certificate chain correctly. Otherwise certificate validation may fail. Solution: In example we import a certificate chain from BOSCH ( Download certificates from Root-Certificate  (Verisign Class 3 Public Primary  CA) |_______Intermediate Certificate ( […]

EDIINT AS1 or AS2 error message : Key invalid in message

Problem: EDIINT AS1 or AS2 show an error message Key invalid in message Solution: The installation of ET-Connector is damaged or you have tried to run ET-Connector with a native JVM. ET-Connector is released with an encapsulated Sun JVM. Within this JVM (located in ./jre) directory, the security policy files have been exchanged, as the […]

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