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Connection to MS SQL Server is refused

Problem: Credentials to connect to MS SQL Server seems to be correct, but connection is refused Solution: ET-Connector needds to connect to MS SQL Server via TCP/IP which is disabled by default. Click Start -> Programs -> SQL Server xxxx -> Configuration Tools -> SQL Server confiuration utility Enable TCP/IP on all services and check, […]

How to access the internal archive databases

Problem: Is there a possibility to have a look in the storage archives, the internal or global database? Solution: Yes, but use this option with care. +++ EDITING databases can cause storage damages / System will loose warranty and quits SLA +++ 1) Download Squirrel: and put into the installation directory of ET-Connector 2) […]

How to create auto increment columns in ORACLE

Problem: ORACLE does not have any DDL statement for defining table columns with auto increment values. Solution: The solution is a workaround using two other ORACLE concepts: TRIGGERS and SEQUENCES. In a nuthsell: Generate auto increment values using a sequence, for automatic increment use a trigger. Example: REM Create a table and a sequence for […]

Database – How to call a stored procedure and returning result

Problem: ET-Connector should call a stored procedure on SQL-Server. The stored procedure is executed by using the Database-IN item and the EXEC command: EXEC <SP-Name> Parameter1, Parameter2, …. The stored procedure executes, but does not return any values. ET-Connector logs Update -1 row(s) from ‘xyz’ for ‘abc’ instead of the expected integer result Solution: ET-Connector […]

Database client service cannot update columns on “Action after read” when using ORACLE or DB2 databases

Problem: ORACLE or DB2 driver reports an error, when database client service is configured for an “Action after read”, that requires an updatable resultset: ORACLE: Error on connecting to database : Database read error: Unable to update on query result for command ‘SELECT * FROM ORDRSP_HEADER WHERE USER_LAST_MODIFIED IS NULL’, result-set is read-only, maybe the […]

MS Access datatypes for using with DataBaseTo Item

The following FieldTypes can be used with the DataBaseTo item as shown at the picture below the table: ACCESS JET ET-Connector Field type Text TEXT (size) Memo MEMO Number: Byte BYTE Number: Integer SHORT Number: Long LONG Number: Single SINGLE Number: Double DOUBLE Date/Time DATETIME Currency CURRENCY Auto Number COUNTER (seed, increment) Yes/No YESNO OLE […]

How to connect to ACCDB (Access 2007) databases

Problem: Since ET-Connector 6.0, ACCDB (Microsoft OLE DB 12 / Office 12) Access databases can be read seamlessly like MDB files. If the Microsoft Office System is not installed on the system, an error message may occur, that the provider for this database can not be found. Solution: Install the Microsoft Office data components on […]

Deleting records from database

Problem: After reading recordsets from database the recordsets shall be deleted. Solution: For deleting records from a database, the workflow item DATABASE-IN can be used. The query command does not only work with SELECT, it also processes other SQL commands. Example : DELETE FROM dbo.IFTSTA_Positionen WHERE SenderTrackingID=”insert::SenderTrackingID”

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