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ET-Connector does not support NTLM on MS SQL-Server connection

Problem: ET-Connector does not support NTLM on MS SQL-Server connection Solution: ET-Connector is NOT able to perform NTLM Authentication (Windows authentification) on MS SQL-Server login. This feature is not supported, because a connection to NTLM server (Active Directory/NT LAN Manager) is required. Use SQL Server authentication instead.

Disable client authentication / user login prompt

Go to Options and disable Client authentication.

Change user password

To change a users password go to Security -> Users and select the user, you want to change. Right-click on it and select Change password. Enter the new password:

Import complete certificate chains into ET-Connector to avoid validation errors

Problem: When importing certificates into ET-Connector, it is absolutely necessary to import the complete chain of certificates in order to check the certificate chain correctly. Otherwise certificate validation may fail. Solution: In example we import a certificate chain from BOSCH ( Download certificates from¬† Root-Certificate¬† (Verisign Class 3 Public Primary¬† CA) |_______Intermediate Certificate ( […]

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