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Report – Examples using the print when expression

Problem: Elements on report should be displayed based on a condition Solution: Do this by adding a Print when expression at an element. The result of the expression must be a boolean value (true or false). Examples for boolean comparsions: $F{LineItemNumber}.equals(“1”) $F{/PARTNER/NAME}.equals(“TestPartner”) Negate the expression by using a “!”: !$F{/PARTNER/NAME}.equals(“TestPartner”) Example:

Report – Dynamic textfields

Problem: Text is longer than report text field. Solution: Enable the paramter “Stretch With Overflow”. See Screenshot.

Report – Fields with percentage sign

Problem: It’s required to put the percentage sign % near the percentage discount. How is it possible to put the percentage sign (%) only, if there is the percentage discount available? Solution: Create a textfield with %-symbol behind the percentage field and make following settings on this:

Report – Creating a field page number (page n of m)

Problem: Create a report field containg the information: Page x of y Solution:   ET-Connector Version > 8.0.12092: Insert two fields: The first has the system variable PAGE_NUMBER with evaluation time Now The second field has the system variable PAGE_NUMBER with evaluation time Report.   Old ET-Connector Version < 8.0.12092: The report variables PAGE_NUMBER and […]

Report – Table layout is shifted, if a field contains too much text

Problem: Consider a table report layout with form-like layout: A column with field names and a column with field values. The layout is shifted on the field $F{DESCRIPTION_LONG}, as it contains more than one line of text. Solution: To shift the following according to size of text in $F{DESCRIPTION_LONG}, edit the field $F{DESCRIPTION_LONG} and enable […]

Report – Strange dots appear in the generated report but not at the designer in ET-Connector

Problem: On generating a report design with data, some dots appear on the output like this: Solution: These dots may occur when at the report a rectangle or a static text with both, height and width, set to zero, was created. To find and eliminate these dots, open the report in the Report Designer and […]

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