Category: MIME

Forwarding original email as email attachment

Problem: An received email shall be forwarded via SMTP transport during a workflow. Solution: The original email is received and checked by the workflow. It shall be transported as email attachment to an responsible person. A MIME item has to be used. There the RAW data from the original mail has to be inserted as […]

Encoding/Decoding problems of character set

One of the most bothering issues on internet message exchange is caused by encoding or decoding problems. This article illustrates several problems when receiving or sending data with ET-Connector: Receiving data with application/x-www-form-urlencoded, but broken character encoding RFC3986 states according to URL(URI)-Encoding: Non-ASCII characters must first be encoded according to UTF-8 [STD63], and then each […]

Create email attachment in HTML with embedded images

Problem: HTML formatted emails in MIME envelope allows to embed images. These images have to be indentified with compenent id (cid). This article demonstrates how to embed images. Solution: Insert a MIME item before the transport item, connect the precessor and the transport item. Right click on the MIME-Item to add a new MIME Part, […]

Create email attachment with text in the body (inline)

Problem: Sending text data by SMTP-Transport causes the data to be represented as attachment, not in the body of the email. Solution: An extension of SMTP (MIME) has been implemented to specify which part of an email is displayed as body or as attachment. Insert a MIME item before the transport item, connect the precessor […]

Create email attachment with a binary content (i.e. PDF document)

Problem: PDF documents, Excel files or other binary data, which has been set via SMTP by ET-Connector is corrupted. Solution: The problem occurs as SMTP uses US-ASCII characters set by default, which does not allow to transfer binary data (loss of characters). Therefore an extension of SMTP (MIME) has been implemented to enable the transmission […]

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