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ET-Connector Release Info 8.0.12441

– NEW: ZUGFeRD 1.0 support (BETA) (see including PDF/A 3B validation – NEW: Add raw() function to Java template toolkit, see – NEW: Worfklow item DatabaseTO supports field type selection depending on selected database connection – NEW: Maximum concurrent transactions at ‘Queue options’ can throttle the queue concurrent transports – NEW: Workflow item […]

Excel Vorlage – Spalten Formatierung

Problem: Die Excel Formatierungen von Spalten/Zellen wird nicht übernommen. Lösung: Die Excel Spalten müssen mit entsprechenden Werten gefüllt werden, anschließend kann die Formatierung vorgenomen werden. Ist die Formatierung gespeichert, können die Inhalte der Spalten wieder gelöscht werden, ohne dass die Formatierung verloren geht.

Transport File: Filename parameter from ET 8.0.12238

Problem: The transport FILE item had a prefix and an extension before and are merged into one parameter file name. An index has been added to the filename before in case of duplicate filenames (i.e. _0, _1, _2, etc.) Solution: Use the “insert::<X-Path>” syntax to make filenames dynamic, i.e. “insert::index()” “insert::index(..)” –> If the upper […]

Transport SAP send problem: Error on preparing IDoc: Unable to get meta data for IDoc type xxx with extension xxx: RELATION_NOT_FOUND -> RELATION_NOT_FOUND

Problem: A SAP transport fails with error Unable to get meta data for IDoc type xxx with extension xxx: RELATION_NOT_FOUND -> RELATION_NOT_FOUND Solution: The relation between Idoc type and extension is not released to the SAP repository. A release must be performed on SAP side by SAP admins. Goto WE30 or WE31: In this example […]

How to generate ZUGFeRD invoices

ZUGFeRD invoices are a standard for sending invoices in a PDF document containing an XML file as PDF attachment. Please refer to for further details of the standard. ET-Connector from release 8.0.12304 is able to generate invoices according to ZUGFeRD according to the following steps: You have to license both the PDF Concatenator and […]

ET-Connector Release Info 8.0.12239

– NEW: Multiple partners, users and groups per transaction – NEW: Repeat + Abort button on transaction debugger – NEW: WebEDI end item actions – NEW: WebEDIControl + WebEDI actions have next view option (Main or detail) – NEW: Transaction search refactored, search by principal both in rich client and WebEDI – NEW: Workflow poll […]

ET-Connector Release Info 8.0.12137

– CHANGE: The displayname of a transport item (i.e. FILE,SMTP, etc.) transports can be used with the dynamic “insert::” X-Path syntax for dynamic transport item names. The evaluation of this dynamic expression did the resolution on the current DATA-OUT node name, instead of the relative result node. – CHANGE: Log window stays open during debug […]

ET-Connector Release Info 8.0.11836

– CHANGE: Workflow item for create document in WebEDI creates new transaction always (also on pending), if corresponding WebEDI document has a selection for the creation workflow. – CHANGE: Database EXCEL driver reads data to a node with the sheet name. This node was obsolete and incompatible. Please note, that the DATA-IN X-Path selection for […]

Storage log publisher reports timeouts or locks errors

Symptoms: LogPublisher reports errors like “A lock could not be obtained within the time requested” LogPublisher reports timeouts Solution: The underlying I/O system is not able to handle the required use case with the configured amount of logging in an appropriate time. The I/O load relies on writing a full recovery log at the database […]

How to use the Script workflow item correctly

Problem: Using the Scriptworkflow item enables the user to execute Java code at runtime. The execution can lead to system freeze and to infinite loops, which will cause ET-Connector to hang or to crash. Solution: It’s very important and required to add calls to the TRANSACTION.isAborted() function into loops or after resource intensive commands. The […]

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