Remove all THAI characters

Problem: Thai characters (laotic) shall be removed Solution: Use the following regular expression to remove them (contains the THAI alphabet): .*ก.*|.*ข.*|.*ฃ.*|.*ค.*|.*ฅ.*|.*ฅ.*|.*ง.*|.*จ.*|.*ฉ.*|.*ช.*|.*ซ.*|.*ฌ.*|.*ญ.*|.*ฎ.*|.*ฏ.*|.*ฐ.*|.*ฑ.*|.*ฑ.*|.*ณ.*|.*ด.*|.*ต.*|.*ถ.*|.*ท.*|.*ธ.*|.*น.*|.*บ.*|.*ป.*|.*ผ.*|.*ฝ.*|.*พ.*|.*ฟ.*|.*ภ.*|.*ม.*|.*ย.*|.*ร.*|.*ฤ.*|.*ฤๅ.*|.*ล.*|.*ฦ.*|.*ฦๅ.*|.*ว.*|.*ศ.*|.*ษ.*|.*ส.*|.*ห.*|.*ฬ.*|.*อ.*|.*ฮ.*

System command redirects ( > )

Problem: System redirects do not work in commands called from ET-Connector Examples: gnupg –decrypt in > out unzip in > out tar -xf in > out Solution: Enable the ‘Use stream’ option at the system command instead. The result stream will be saved as a file usage with the display name of the System command. […]

AS2 service reports: Unsupported PKCS7-MIME-Extension, as no smime-type is given

Problem: The AS2 service reports: Unsupported PKCS7-MIME-Extension, as no smime-type is given: application/pkcs7-mime; name=xxx Solution: The AS2 header contained a Content-Type of application/pkcs7-mime, but according RFC4130 (AS2) referencing to RFC3851 ( chapter 3.2.2 states that the smime-type may be optional(empty), but does not define in case of absence, how to interpret the data. The smime-type […]

SAP IDoc parse failure / Fehler beim Übergeben einer SAP iDOC

Problem: Sending to SAP failes with parse error on ET-Connector side Error on preparing IDoc through SAP JCo repository check: (7) IDOC_ERROR_PARSE_FAILURE: An IDocIllegalTypeException occurred while parsing IDoc-XML for type <ORDERS05>: state=READING_FIELD_STARTTAG, charPosition=4804, lineNumber=165, columnNumber=20 -> (4) IDOC_ERROR_ILLEGAL_TYPE: Segment type “ZEDI_POS” is not a valid child segment type. DOCUMENT: type=ORDERS05, number=2017-10-273090; SEGMENT: type=E1EDP01, definition=E2EDP01007 IDoc […]

ET-Connector Release Info 8.0.12566

– NEW: Workflow item ‘FileUsage- From’ has option to parse file usages of type XML or not – NEW: MDN signature has option to send the certificate – NEW: FTP server can stream data – NEW: Digest authentication – NEW: Test method for scheduled services FTP & POP3 – NEW: Max age parameter for FILE, […]

Problems sending to PEPPOL network

The PEPPOL transport module of ET-Connector handles the sending to the peppol network by looking up the service-meta-publisher database to get the certificate and the URL of the destination access point. Furthermore it generates the Standard business document header (SBDH). ET-Connector expects as DATA-IN X-Path selection the standard business document payload (BIS). The errors, that […]

How to setup access to the PEPPOL network.

The PEPPOL network enables businesses across Europe to communicate electronically with public buyers in various stages of the procurement process. Send to the PEPPOL network Select your access point certificate Select the SML zone: PRODUCTION: TEST: Set sender and recipient ID’s Select from the list of processes of PEPPOL Change schema only if […]

ET-Connector Release Info 8.0.12441

– NEW: ZUGFeRD 1.0 support (BETA) (see including PDF/A 3B validation – NEW: Add raw() function to Java template toolkit, see – NEW: Worfklow item DatabaseTO supports field type selection depending on selected database connection – NEW: Maximum concurrent transactions at ‘Queue options’ can throttle the queue concurrent transports – NEW: Workflow item […]

Excel Vorlage – Spalten Formatierung

Problem: Die Excel Formatierungen von Spalten/Zellen wird nicht übernommen. Lösung: Die Excel Spalten müssen mit entsprechenden Werten gefüllt werden, anschließend kann die Formatierung vorgenomen werden. Ist die Formatierung gespeichert, können die Inhalte der Spalten wieder gelöscht werden, ohne dass die Formatierung verloren geht.

Transport File: Filename parameter from ET 8.0.12238

Problem: The transport FILE item had a prefix and an extension before and are merged into one parameter file name. An index has been added to the filename before in case of duplicate filenames (i.e. _0, _1, _2, etc.) Solution: Use the “insert::<X-Path>” syntax to make filenames dynamic, i.e. “insert::index()” “insert::index(..)” –> If the upper […]

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